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  • Downy Valley Dew fabric softener helps keep your clothes fresh even when you sweat
  • Crisp fragrance and long lasting freshness
  • Downy infuses clothes with wonderful softness, freshness, protection and even better- it's easy to use. But- how you use it depends on what kind of washing machine you have.
  • Prevents pilling and fuzz, prevents static, reduces wrinkles versus detergent alone.
  • Makes ironing easier versus detergent alone.
  • Downey valley dew fabric softener blows your senses

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Offer your clothes an amazing freshness and softness with Downy Regular fabric softener. Infuse your fabric with a wonderful scent experience with Downy Regular Valley Dew and enjoy floral woody notes of Patchouli on your garments. Its unique formula, developed to bring a protective layer on your garments, will not only protect from fading, stretching and fuzz but will also soften even the finest textile fibers to provide a new level of fabric softness. Moreover, Downy Regular fabric softener offer anti-wrinkle, anti-static and easy ironing benefits. 

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